Welcome Letter

Prospective Volunteers


Welcome to 4-H!  The 4-H program is a non-profit program conducted through the Cooperative Extension Service via the land-grant university in all 50 states.  Our land-grant university is the University of Kentucky.  We are glad you are interested in the Marion County 4-H program.  Marion County has a large and active 4-H program and welcomes all teens and adults seeking a volunteer experience.  Areas of need include: club leaders and assistant leaders, project leaders, workshop presenters, judges and room leaders for public speaking contests, activity coordinators and chaperones.  If you are interested in volunteering for the 4-H program you need to complete a volunteer application packet, submit for a background check and be approved by the client protection committee.  Included in this packet are a brochure of 4-H, a volunteer application packet, and our 4-H contact information.  Please contact Mary Lucas for more in formation

All adults age 18 and above that are interested in serving as 4-H Volunteers are required to be approved by the Marion County Youth Client Protection Committee.  The first step of that process is to complete a Volunteer Application.

Volunteer Application Form